Once again, we are happy to release the second release candidate for replication-manager 2.0 series, fully compatible with MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server. In this version, we've fixed many bugs as we prepare to go Generally Available for the week after FOSDEM (Monday 5th February). Support for ProxySQL has also been improved so most of the common scenarios will work without incident.

Quick start

Grab a release on our Download pages, on Github or update through your repository.


  • Fixed several issues with Arbitrator server
  • RM will not overrule ProxySQL on read-only flag detections
  • Last RW server is now correctly set to master instead of standalone
  • ProxySQL can now be bootstrapped from the RM config
  • Maintenance toggle was broken and has been fixed
  • Fixed issues with slave down calling for replication checks
  • Clean up some unnecessarily verbose log messages
  • Fixed configuration typos
  • Preferred and Ignored servers are now shown in the dashboard
  • Graphs tab will be disabled if Graphite hasn't been configured
  • Fixed switchover to preferred master on CLI
  • Fixed Could not set replication channel when a db server has no binlog (#198)
  • Rewritten Dockerfile working with 2.x series