High Availability Software for MariaDB and MySQL

Made in Europe by Database Experts

Infrastructure Experts

Our consultants have each more than 15 years experience on the field building scalable infrastructure.

Vendor Independent

We support all popular MySQL forks! Choose the best software for your needs.

Software Development

We develop and provide industry-recognized OSS software . MySQL and MariaDB clusters are not a hassle anymore. We provide you with database high availability, maintenance using our database orchestrator.

Care Packages

We offer tailored packages to take care of your application servers and databases.

Cloud18 DbaaS

We offer DBaaS solutions on top of our products, trusted partners and open source software.

Innovating Startup

A BPI founded Innovating Cloud Solution and active member of the Euclidia foundation.

Power up your MariaDB or MySQL deployment with our supported proxies and service orchestrators

Replication Manager is fully compatible with MariaDB, MySQL, ProxySQL, HAProxy, OpenSVC and Kubernetes.



OpenSVC Kubernetes