Managed Cloud Computing Services

High Availability Hosting for Critical Application Environments

Infrastructure Experts

Our consultants have each more than 15 years experience on the field building scalable infrastructure.

Vendor Independent

We are part of the European Cloud Industrial Alliance EUCLIDIA.

Software Development

We develop and provide industry-recognized OSS software to monitor your performance and implement high availability.

Care Packages

We offer tailored packages to take care of your application servers and databases.


MySQL and MariaDB replication management is not a hassle anymore. Signal 18 provides you with database high availability with our open source MRM replication-manager software.

We support leading database technologies

MariaDB MySQL ProxySQL HaProxy MaxScale

We support leading orchestrator technologies

OpenSVC SlapOS Kebernetes

International enterprises and emerging startups run it.

Figaro TNS Gelber Voltalis Aaa