replication-manager version 1.1.3 is a bugfix release for the 1.1 series. Download it on Github or use our repositories.

This is the list of issues fixed in 1.1.3:

Arbitrator bugfixes

When running replication-manager in High Availability mode using the Arbitrator, the active/passive states weren't propagated correctly to all clusters after peer negotiation. That fix solves issues that might have happened on arbitrator or peer restart.

Also, the standby replication-manager instance might have in some cases trigger rejoin by itself.

About Replication Manager

Replication Manager for MySQL and MariaDB is an open-source platform for handling MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server replication topologies. It is developed by experts in consulting and remote database services.

Replication Manager for MySQL and MariaDB is commercially supported by Signal 18. Contact us for any support requests.

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