replication-manager version 1.1.2 is a bugfix release for the 1.1 series. Download it on Github or use our repositories.

This is the list of issues fixed in 1.1.2:

Cascading Failover Rejoin

One of the major features of replication-manager is to be able to automatically rejoin failed servers after they come online again. However, a bug prevented auto-rejoin to work correctly whenever there was a cascading failure (e.g. more than one consecutive failure of master servers).

Read Network Timeout

Whenever the network dropped packets, the replication-manager monitor server could wait forever. Indeed, in the Golang MySQL driver, the read timeout is unlimited, which is a departure from the standard MySQL client where this timeout is set to 30 seconds. Version 1.1.2 introduces a new variable, read-timeout with a default of 15 seconds.

About Replication Manager

Replication Manager for MySQL and MariaDB is an open-source platform for handling MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server replication topologies. It is developed by experts in consulting and remote database services.

Replication Manager for MySQL and MariaDB is commercially supported by Signal 18. Contact us for any support requests.

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